Meet Area Boss Called Sunday Igboho

Sunday Igboho

…The Yoruba Human Right Activist Who Tackled Gov. Lam Adesina At Petrol Station

The name of Sunday Igboho is widely known in the city of Ibadan. He is a politician and a businessman, whose attention is devoted to human problems and protection of their rights. Even the rich and powerful come to him to ask for advice. If this man wants to talk to influential people, he will open any doors to make the justice done!

Sunday Igboho was born on October 10 in 1972. His real name is Sunday Adeyemo. He comes from Igboho town, located in the area of Oke Ogun, Oyo State. Later, the family left for Modakeke in Osun. After the war there, Sunday moved to Ibadan.

Sunday’s career started from being a mechanic and a motorcycle repairer. But God had other plans for him. He guided Sunday into business and helped him meet the right people of great importance to do it well.

At present, apart from human rights protection, he does business worldwide. He has established a car sales business and own a company Adeson International Business Concept Ltd.

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Sunday Igboho thinks selling cars to be the main business of his life because he has been selling them since he was youth. He met Governor Lam Adesina when there was petrol scarcity, people had to wait in long queues from dawn to refuel their cars. Sunday was the only person, who has enough courage to resist the soldiers and Adesina’s convoy, who wanted to break the line. Soon, he was called to Lam Adesina to tell the reason for his actions.

Sunday Adeyemo truly believes in God. He advises people to keep their minds open. He tries to help people, who lost their way or faith in life. Sunday Igboho is an excellent example of how to build relationships within society, stay fair and honest in all respects.

He is a good and care giving person. His character has been speaking for him. Sunday Igboho despise cheating, According to him, “I hate the word cheating to the core of my soul. I will fight for people’s right. When I hear cases about people unlawfully taking possession of others’ land or cases of 419, I will fight for the rightful owner. Cheating was the main reason I joined Ladoja’s camp, because Baba Adedibu really wanted to cheat Ladoja.”

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Sunday said in one of his encounter with press that “Baba Adedibu on numerous occasions invited me to places including Kakanfo Inn and offered me money to go against Ladoja. But I saw what Baba Adedibu was doing was cheating, so I refused to leave Ladoja’s side. I can’t stand cheats.”

This is what really differentiate Sunday Ighoho from other area boss. He presently support the Amotekun movement and he is still calling for the support of all Yoruba Obas and chiefs to put hands and resources together for the peaceful coexistence of all Yoruba towns and the neighborhood.

Meet Area Boss Called Sunday Igboho
Sunday Igboho