Mugabe: Zimbabwe Ruling Party, Zanu-PF To Commence Impeachment Today.

Zimbabwe’s parliament has disclosed that Robert Mugabe may be removed from the presidency within two days.

Paul Mangwana, Zanu-PF’s deputy secretary for legal affairs, said this on Monday.

He told reporters at the party’s Harare headquarters that impeachment was being planned as early as Tuesday.

Mugabe shocked the world during a nationwide broadcast Sunday when he refused to resign.

Chris Mutsvangwa, head of the country’s influential veterans association, called Mugabe’s refusal to stand down a “dereliction of duty” and said his organization would bring thousands of people back onto the streets in response.

“We were disappointed yesterday in the midst of all those generals he appeared to swap [speeches]” he said on Monday, referring to footage that showed Mugabe shuffling sheets before he began his address.

Mugabe has been under house arrest since the Zimbabwean military seized control of the country last week to prevent him from installing his wife, Grace, as his successor.

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