Must Read : Lovers Of Coca Cola, Read This Before You Take The Next Bottle.

One of our readers and a lover of Coke Cola as this to say about the brand.

” My name is Keem Abdul, I’m
a Media Expert and an entrepreneur base in Lagos ,Reflecting on the past few days and it’s happenings I want to share with the public how a “Reputable”  beverage company in the case of Coca Cola  breached their duty of care to their consumers with total depravity.

I could have just waved it aside and give them an excuse or perhaps be nonchalant about it but that will make me part of their bandwagon.

Having been thirsty on Saturday After the gym , I went to the nearest store close to me to get 2 cartons of Coca Cola  (plastic) which has become a ritual as I’m a chronic lover of their product, the woman brought out a coca cola plastic from the Carton to calculate my bill as I intended paying via POS, payment  was about to occur when the woman noticed the bottle of drink was laced with a particle/dirt  that’s not  supposed to be there, she immediately offered an apology to me that it wasn’t her fault and decided to offer me another one which I refused blatantly.

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Not in the world of today should some things happen or a chance of Negligence occur, by all means should adequate standard of care be exercise in Productivity and of course ones Life.
Commitment, Dedication, Responsibility and Loyalty to name a few are earned between close physical entities going a long way to make a solid relationship.

Nigeria as a country has been dehumanized,used by infamous pejurers and thieves to achieve their greedy aim.

Coca Cola as a brand would never dare this in abroad, how is it ok in my country Nigeria.

Here is where government and well-meaning Parastatal should take a stand to curb such entities as I have done in my bit and I urge all Nigerians to always check any beverages purchased carefully to avoid my kind of scenarios as the saying goes “Health is Wealth”.

God bless Nigeria
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