My Covenant – Hon. Adedotun Banjo (Papaz)

In the course of this journey, I have been inundated with a lot of questions. Many of these are on the borderlines of “Why House of Assembly?”

Several times, I have found myself answering the same question over and over…

Democracy all over the world, ours is not mutually exclusive, rests on a Tripod: the executive, the legislature and the Judiciary. Isn’t it surprising that even under the most draconian dictatorship, other two arms of government, Executive and Judiciary are usually present. In most cases and under most conditions, the legislature is the missing link.

What it then means is that the Legislative arm of government is the pillar upon which democracy rests. Success and failure of democracy essentially rests on a functional, effective, compassionate, intelligent and sensitive legislature.

I therefore covenant with you that I will strengthen the institutions of democracy with compassionate legislature, proactive laws that will improve the living conditions of an average citizens of Ogun State and especially that which will provide jobs and meaningful employment to a great number of our teeming unemployed youth.

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So help me God….

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