Ndigbo Integration Movement Calls For National Discourse on Herders-Farmers Crisis

The President General Ndigbo Integration Movement (NIM), Bestman Nze-Jumbo


The Ndigbo Integration Movement (NIM) has sued for peace and tolerance amidst escalating herdsmen starters crisis across the country.

The Ndigbo Integration Movement (NIM) made this call on Monday via a statement jointly issued by its President General, Bestman Nze-Jumbo and Publicity Secretary, Emeka Eze.

The movement expressed shock over the proliferation of ethnic clashes across the country leading to loss of lives and property.

The President General Ndigbo Integration Movement (NIM), Bestman Nze-Jumbo

The statement read in part:

”As a result of this, tension has enveloped the country and the fear of full blown war hovers in the horizon. More so, people now live in mutual suspicion with hitherto friendly and peaceful neighbours.

”First, it started in Kaduna state, especially, the Southern Kaduna area, where killings, arson, rape, property destruction and lately abduction and kidnapping were the order of the day.

”It is more surprising that instead of chewing with caution to find lasting solution to the widely condemned menace, these vices have spread to other areas not known for biligerent behaviors.

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”Consequently, some ethnic stock who have hitherto lived peacefully with their host communities are being threatened with eviction against the law of decency which encourages peaceful coexistence.”

NIM therefore advocated for peace amongst Nigerians and usual peaceful coexistence that Nigerians have been known for over the ages.

According to the group, all segments of the country are enterprising and there is high rate of itenerance which brings off circulation of goods and services throughout the country’s landscape. This is considered to be the strength of the country as it boost the economy and make for a better living.

The movement also urged Buhari-led Federal Government to step up effort at curbing these hostilities through the mobilisation of security agencies.

Additionally, Ndigbo Integration Movement called for a national conversation to unveil the root causes of the clashes and stamp them out.