NIM Condemns Atiku For Proposing Amnesty For Looters

Ndigbo Integration Movement ‘NIM’ has condemned the statement credited to former vice president and presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Alhaji Abubakar Atiku, the statement stated that he promised to grant “amnesty” to looters of public funds if elected president in February.

In a press release signed by Chief Bestman Nze-Jumbo, national coordinator of NIM, Atiku’s plan to give amnesty to people who have looted the country’s patrimony further confirms fears long held about his candidacy.

Atiku, speaking recently at a town hall programme, ‘The Candidates’, on television, said the recovered loot will help develop Nigeria’s economy. Atiku said amnesty will be considered while citing its success in Turkey.

He explained that the need for expedited action in development and the delay in the justice system makes the amnesty deal a wise choice.

While reacting to the comment, NIM, through its national coordinator, stated that Atiku has once again confirmed fears about his predeliction for corruption.
“Who doesn’t know what corruption has done to this country? Give amnesty to looters?


Atiku might as well propose to incorporate corruption into our laws,” stated Nze-Jumbo.

According to him, what the country needs now is to back President Mohammadu Buhari’s efforts in ridding the country of all forms of official graft. The high chief and APC chieftain also implored Nigerians to be patient with the president as the graft fighting policies of the federal government has begun yielding fruits.

“Only recently, Transperency International observed that the country’s corruption perception has improved from what it used to be. This shows that there is improvement.

We only need to be more patient and not cave in to the old ways of doing things which never got us anywhere he said.

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