Know More About Your Skin …

As they say you are what you eat our skin reflects and looks even more heather if we observe good diet.This is because some of the food we normally eat have big negatively impact to the skin ,some of them can cause the skin to age ,dry and others can cause some of skin disorders like acne especially fatty foods . though we have good fatty food like fish which are very rich in omega3, olive oils,nuts and avocado which is very rich in vitamin E .

Another thing to stay away from if you love your skin is daily products like milk especially those with acne disorders, Dairy products like milk which contains components related to hormone testosterone that may stimulates oils glands in the skin, setting the stage for acne.

To those with sweet teeth excessive sugar in the diet especially sugar in processed food,can encourage the dehydration of collagen and elastin in your skin,this leads to loss of firmness,loss of elasticity and onslaught of premature sagging and wrinkles.

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Eating spicy food is another don’t if you really care for your skin.Once you eat spicy meal the body temperature rises and produces sweat which triggers oil to be released in the skin,dirt and bacteria get trapped by those oils exacerbating skin conditions like acne.

Drinking alot of soda it’s another don’t,soda creates an inflammatory response In the body due to its high glycemic index level,the inflammation too does alot than create acne,it can also result in wrinkles,lovers of taking alot of soda over years, tend to lack bright vibrant skin.when all is said and done your skin is everything, take care of it because I believe when you look good you feel good and that changes everything and brighten your day.

No More About Your Skin ...

Written By Beauty Consultant Leah Gitonga