North Korea Leader To Visit Donald Trump In May.

…May Back Down on Nuclear Weapon

Oyewale Oyelola

The North Korea Leader, Kim Jong Un has disclosed his readiness to visit United States President Donald Trump in May 2018.

The North Korea leader made this known during his visit his first and historic China President, Xi Jinpenj on Wednesday.

Kim in address thanked the President of China for inviting him, noting that China is the greatest economic ally of North Korea.

He expressed his readiness to back down on the plan by North Korea to build Nuclear Weapon after negotiation with other world leaders.

The North Korea leader also disclosed that he will visit South Korea President in April.

The latest move by controversial leader is shift from country’s isolation policy in the past.

Some International Politics Analysts say Kim’s action might be a way to get european countries and United Nations to lift economic sanction placed on the country.

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