Yinka “The Solomon” Odumakin Was A Rare Gem – Raheem

Yinka Odumakin
Yinka Odumakin

I am still finding it difficult to refer to the Great fighter and Leader of the masses as being of the past.

Oh no, Yinka Odumakin, the only man described as ” Solomon” by Sir Olanihun Ajayi can not be dead. He lives and will live for ever in our hearts as a revolutionary that he is/was.

The honour of “Solomon” bestowed on him by Late Sir Olanihun , the then Afenifere Leader was due to the wisdom he applied when President Goodluck Jonathan GEJ was making the final arrangement for the convocation of the National Conference. This confirms that Yinka Odumakin was/is indeed a wise man . A wise man with rare bravery.

Since after we left the final burial ceremony of Sir Olanihun Ajayi , I have been referring to him as “Solomon” Yinka Odumakin.
It never occurred to me that the day we went to visit the widow of the Best Governor ever produced in Nigeria, Late Pa Jakande as representatives of Afenifere led by Chief Supo Sonibare was the last day to chat one on one with THE SOLOMON. Though we had chats on whatsap thereafter.
As a radical, *SOLOMON ” YINKA ODUMAKIN, was a man that has never been hypocritical about his stand on any issue. No weakling can be my friend not win my heart.

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He says it as he knows or believes.
It’s very sad that he left us at this critical stage in the history of Nigeria.
The roles he played in the making of a New Nigeria can never be forgotten. No doubt ,history will be good to him. In spite of ourselves ,we shall all be remembered by history.

Super Comrade “Solomon” Yinka Odumakin will live for ever in our hearts.
It will be very difficult for me to refer to him as being of the past.

Great , Super, Courageous, Dynamic and Intelligent Yinka Odumakin remains ” is” and not “was”. His indellible footprints is a confirmation that he lives.

It’s my prayer that the Lord will comfort his widow, Dr Josephine Obiagelli Odumakin,( Comrade Joe Odumakin), his family, the entire leadership and members of Afenifere Worldwide, associates, Comrades and all advocates for a better Nigeria.


Toyin Raheem
Chairman, Afenifere , Agege LG Chapter and Chairman CACOBAG