Ogun : Gov Ibikunle Amosun Moves To Cover His tracks

Original copies of project financial documents relocated to Govs Office

– Fears of planned fire incident to destroy paper trail of kickbacks

Original Financial documents containing appropriation details of projects awarded by the present government in last 8 years were requested to be brought to the Governors office a couple of weeks ago.

This is feared to be a planned attempt to destroy the files by fire in the future.

Unfortunately the recent fire incident at the Osun State Governors office may have put on hold temporarily the planned fire outbreak

It was felt that having two Southwest State Governors offices engulfed by fire, weeks apart may give away the fact that the fire outbreaks were deliberate

The Virement and constant variation of the Model School Projects in Ogun which were initially awarded at Two fifty million Naira but ended up costing tax payers a Billion and a half each are amongst the financial appropriation files said to have been relocated from the Ministry of works to the Governors office apart from various bridge construction documents.

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A botched break in at the Governors office our sources said was initially planned but the plan was cancelled after it was realised that explaining a break in into a secured building would be a hard sell.

Going down memory lane it will be recalled the first of such fire outbreaks occured in the Ministry of defence building Lagos when former head of state Sani Abacha was in charge there.

Since then its been a constant phenomenon for government buildings with sensitive financial documents having mysterious fire outbreaks when Chief Executives are nearing the end of their service period.

It is left to be seen if the Ogun Governors office or part of the building will be sacrificed to cover the tracks of one individual.

! Soji Adegbenro

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