Ojokoro LCDA Chairman HID With Good Sense Of Humour Highlight Achievements

Executive chairman of Ojokoro LCDA in Lagos State, Hon. Hammed Idowu D. Tijan popularly called HID on Thursday with good sense of humour highlights his achievements to media men for accountability and transparency purpose, Thecitypulsenews reports

In his speech, he made an awareness and a reminder of when he received the mantle to serve the people by the people, which was given to him on the 25th of July, 2017.

“As a matter of fact, the task has been very challenging and demanding, but to the glory of God, we were able to surmount all the challenges and record perceptible achievements, based on the limited resources within our disposal”, He said.

In the press conference, well monitored by Thecitypulsenews,  he gave a summary of his account of stewardship as he highlighted some of the remarkable achievements recorded in the last four years of his administration in Ojokoro LCDA. The following are projects he embarked on as unveiled during his manifestos.


– Roads and infrastructures
– Education
– Healthcare delivery/Environmental sanitation
– Agriculture/Social Services/Security/Youths/Sports
– Staff Welfare.

At the end of his speech, he was cheered with questions and comments from the media and which he meticulously gave a befitting response to all of the questions. And also cleared the air on the reported news about the misappropriation of funds, where he beckoned the community to listen less to negative stories and feedback; ‘most are coined from untruthfulness sponsored by enemies of good governance’.

He however, expressed his profound gratitude and deep appreciation to all members of the HID media team and every member of the press for the wonderful publicity being given to all HID programs and activities.

Ojokoro LCDA Chairman HID With Good Sense Of Humour Highlight Achievements