Omicron Variant: UAE Immigrants Laments

Due to cancellation of UAE flights to most of African countries, alots of people who went for Christmas holidays and new year celebration have a rough time especially those who are working in UAE. Affected victims from different countries in Africa has tried every means to reach UAE in vain as after most countries of transit were put on red list by UAE government due to the new amicron variant.

Nigeria as one of the richest country in Africa has been going through this problem since last year and due to this alot of their immigrants are stuck in UAE some even unable to cater for basic needs.This west African countries has also been having problems to get working permit despite the fact that some gets offer letter the situation that has lead the people on visit visa to secure jobs.

Earlier on I talked to one of the victim who resides in Dubai who is on visit visa and didn’t want his name to be mentioned told me that Living in Dubai without job it’s very difficult because bills like for accommodation and food are very costly and money to turmack and he doesn’t have any income and sometimes goes an extent borrowing money from home country which is supposed to be vise versa.

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Most of the Nigerians immigrants had high expectations that the president would address the issues of visa when he visited visited Dubai expo 2020 last month but he never did.

! Leah writes from Dubai

Omicron Variant: UAE Immigrants Laments