Ondo Citizens Demand End To Akeredolu’s Rule

The onus of reviving both the political and economic glory of Ondo State rests solely on the shoulders of utterly repressed citizens constituting a larger chunk of the population.

A bold step towards achieving this conceived glory would be the rejection of the present draconian ruler of the state in the person of Rotimi Akeredolu. A fascist who never see the good in community (or ward) based interactive governance . Surely his style of Governance gave him out as a marrionette of his party’s grand oracle’ based in Lagos. His ungodly romance with this apotheosized leader has alienated Akeredodu from the real responsibilities of governing Ondo State.

His inability to marshal the party on whose pedestal he became the governor say a lot about his political ineptitudes. A personality without a sound political will can not muster redemptive policies that will take the state out of this present economic stagnation.

The Dynamics of the present political affairs in this country foreshadow a predetermined template that will determine the choice of candidates to be positioned for election (or re-election) by the APC come 2020. We can be assured that the smart, proactive and intelligent aspirants would never be supported to become a candidates for the fear of them growing independent minds, veering off the controlled course of the ever selfish party Lord’s whose political ideologies are designed to serve their selfish ends. No wonder all the political ideologies of Rotimi Akeredolu led APC government brought to bear failed everyone.

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The ideas are ultimately conceived and implemented to favour some party stalwarts who invested heavily in the election of Arakunrin and not the populace whose votes constitute the mandate on which Akeredodu thrives on.

The PDP having foreseen this dillema had put in place solid Democratic process that will filter viable and proven individuals with impeccable character amongst many that would want to aspire for the position of the next governor of ondo state.

HON TOPE ADEFEMIWA is the most viable option to replace the mistake called the APC led Akeredolu Government . Aside from his proven run in the private sector where policy decision or execution errors are punished by the Stark realities of financial and image loss, HON TOPE ADEFEMIWA is a habitual excellence seeker. His passion for tackling the ills of the society stems from his humble background which gave him a panoramic view of the danger posed by an extremely poor society.

With his wit and energy, he is poised to bring into forebear positive changes that will kickstart a production driven society he promised abinitio.

Come 2020, It will be another grand mistake to vote for the inefficient and selfish APC government let alone Rotimi Akeredolu. History has established voting out of any under performing government as an empirism in ondo state . The ever conscious and resourceful minds of the ondo citizens always want a truthful commitment to the implemetation of viable policies that align with the visions of the founding fathers.

HON TOPE ADEFEMIWA, with a document he named the” people’s program’s ” has bonded himself in commitment to restoring the lost glory of Ondo state. This document is the contract document that identified the fundamental problems and the way out of them by the use of proficient policies woven around the core expectations of the ondo state citizens.

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The concise implementation of a policy as well as dutiful assessment of it’s key deliverables is a major function of it’s success. The appointment of individuals who believe strongly in the vision of restoring this lost glory is key. Opinion poll reveals that more than 73 percent of ondo citizens between the ages of 21and 45 have a strong feeling that the government policies and implememtion have not effect significant change in the lives of the citizen. Invariably people had conceived a notion of no-confidence about the present APC and they are asking for a people’s government where the aspirations, choice and constructive contributions of the populace determines, to a large extent, the direction of governace. In other words the people are yearning for a true Democratic representation.

A true representation cannot be guaranteed by APC. This is a cold fact known to all members of the party. A party that subsist on’ who is next in line’ and not who can offer and deliver the best programmes and policies. And of course, the faculty of the followers where Democratic virtues reside is desolate. They have been brainwashed to believe in the ‘wait for your turn ‘syndrome. The zeal to build functioning Democratic ideas that could culmunate to an institution had been repressed to substain the strangulating hold on the party by their leaders. Of course they mask this inefficiencies with the mastery of propaganda which is the lifeblood of their existence. They pretend to be saintly but in reality they are not.

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The era of politics laced with deceits is far gone. In this millenium, it has been established that governance is really the business of the people and not just a group or cabal that dictate the fortunes of others. People’s participation Is Paramount, a lot of resourceful citizens are with tons of life-changing ideas that could be of benefit to all.

This is what the Government of HON TOPE ADEFEMIWA is here to put in place. The success of his mission is banked on the will of the people which is now properly inclined to reconstructive programmes geared at reclaiming the once glorious vision of Ondo State.