Ondo uncovers plan to blackmail governor with customized whisk

Ondo  government Saturday said it has uncovered a plot hatched to blackmail governor Rotimi Akeredolu with the production of a customized whisky.

The brand of whisky which is trending on the social media has an inscription of the state government official logo on it.

A statement by the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor (Media and Publicity), Ojo Oyewamide, in Akure said that ”it is with a great concern that yet another plot hatched to blackmail Governor Oluwarotimi Odunayo Akeredolu, SAN, has been uncovered.

”The carefully packaged plot involves the production of an imaginary Blue Label (Johnny Walker) brand of whisky, with the inscription of the Ondo State official logo on it.

“Also carefully imprinted is Aketi, with the ‘t’ appearing as Mr. Governor’s signature.

”For the avoidance of doubt, Mr Governor does not require to produce customized drinks of that nature for his re-election.

”Neither has he commissioned any associate, friend or even aides to embark on such wasteful venture. This is more so, that Governor Akeredolu’s modest and non-ostentatious lifestyle has never been in doubt.

“Accordingly, the supposedly customized Aketi Whisky which is now trending on a platform known as the IDANRE HILLS REPORTERS should, therefore, be ignored.

”It appears inconceivable to pre-empt the outcome of any investigation in respect of this distasteful act. All the same, it is pertinent to let the general public know that those behind this grand plot are desperate power-mongers who will stop at nothing to create despicable and imaginary scenarios to play their game.

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”Clearly, the motive is to create the impression that so much of State  has been spent to produce the Whisky. Aside this already deflated plot, many more are expected from these political scavengers on an impossible mission.

The statement said that ” Mr Governor, having been briefed of this devious act, has taken steps to unravel those behind it through lawful means.”