Oriyomi Sesede Harps On Need To Support Home Grown Artistes

An Ilorin based upcoming fuji musician, Oriyomi sesede, has harped on the need for Kwarans and government to always patronize home grown artistes.

Speaking recently, Oriyomi noted that, “until we encourage home grown artistes, especially we fuji musicians, we will continue to spend outrageously for what is available right under our nose.
“Most of the type of fuji you find in Lagos, Ibadan, Abeokuta and other places where you have stars in our genre of music are also present here with us in Kwara but our people still go out to bring in artistes because of the desire for new tastes and so that people will be see them as bringing in new a new face.”

He therefore called on well-to-do individuals and government to patronize home grown artistes so as to further promote the state.
He noted that, “these stars were nurtured, promoted and encouraged to grow to the mega level they presently are because the society and even government helped them. So if we in Kwara can decide to do same for our own we will start exporting our culture and dialect to other parts of the country and even outside the country too.
Born Azeez Olatunji, Oriyomi sesede said his entrance into the music industry was preordained. “I started music like a joke with my close friend Sulieman who later began my master in this profession. He is talented. He just called me one day and said I should be his backup singer and given that he was a talented musician and we were very close I agreed it was better.
“We were living at Gambari Ogbomoso then, so every evening we would gather together to entertain people. We started around 2005 gradually we began to grow and at a time we were about 15 in number. We had every position a music band would have.
“Unfortunately, when money wasn’t forth coming some of our members began to withdraw and our number reduced to like four or five. At a point, my master and friend, Sulieman called me and told me that he was coming to Ilorin to stay with his brother and wanted me to come along with him. I obliged him and that was how we came to Ilorin. I never planned to Ilorin but that was how I found myself in Ilorin.
“So, when we got to Ilorin, we continued our trade and became very popular among residents at Shao-Garage area especially the those around the payabayaba area.
“We didn’t give a name to our band then but my master was nicked named Darela Omo Mayekun and that was what we were all called.

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It was when we got to Ilorin that I began to learn driving. Whenever we don’t have any show I will go for transport so after god sent me a benefactor who bought a trailer for me. Whenever, there is no show now I travel.”

On his plans for the future, Oriyomi said he is focused on building his own band with complete instruments for now and that he is working on it at present. He however said, “All the good things that my seniors and mentors in this industry have achieved and are achieving are the things I pray and work for. I intend to also ply my trade to the four corners of this country and even outside the shores of this country.

Oriyomi Sesede Harps On Need To Support Home Grown Artistes
Oriyomi Sasede

So, my prayer to God is that I will also build houses, travel outside the country and do many other good things to through his music.”