Gist: Meet Bishop Oyedepo’s Daughter Who Has Her Ministry Separate From Her Father’s Own

Joy and her Dad Bishop David Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo

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We all know who Bishop David Oyedepo is, he is a spiritual dad to numerous and furthermore a business specialist. He is lthe founder of Faith Tabernacle and Living Faith Church Worldwide also known as Winners Church Worldwide.

The incomparable Bishop as he is affectionately called has favored many individuals and he is likewise honored with a ton of things. He is honored with excellent children and furthermore an exceptionally delightful spouse.

Priscilla Joy Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo is among the greatest and most extravagant ministers on the planet and his congregation has branches everywhere on the globe.

Today’s gist is about Bishop Oyedepo’ s daughter who is known as Pricilla Joy Oyedepo, shockingly she is also a minister like her dad.

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Joy is Bishop Oyedepo’ s last conceived, she is much the same as her dad she possesses her own ministry. She is delightful, striking and splendid, she is the precise female copy of her dad and furthermore she is an author also like her dad (they share so many countless things).

She is the founder of a ladies’ ministry prevalently known as Women Of The God Kind (WOTGK), the service assembles ladies only and she utilizes her books to pastor to the youths. I realize you may be inquiring as to whether the service is associated with her dad’s ministry – NO !  It is not, she is unquestionably living out her own personal dreams.

Joy and her Dad Bishop David Oyedepo