42nd Avenue Is Back – The Sexcapades Of Pamela: Raw Deal With The ‘Area Boys’

42nd Avenue – The Sexcapades Of Pamela

I fled the apartment with the speed of a sneeze as the wife of the man continued to rain blows on him carelessly. I had always been wary of accompanying married men to their matrimonial homes because some wives could be extremely violent. I had heard stories of married women who had poured hot water or acids on the mistresses of their husband’s after catching them in that ugly fate.

“I was already on the street flagging down several cabs when I remembered that I had forgotten my bra and pants at the apartment.

Eventually, I was fortunate to get a “Kabukabu” as my phone is down and I can’t call Uber but for a cut-throat price and he agreed to drop me at a junction not too far away from my abode. At the junction, I branched left into a dark alley, a kind of short route to my house. It would have been a memorable night to have been thoroughly bashed and with N100k in the kitty. I forgot my bra and pants but never the money.

As I moved down the alley, homebound, I soon began to have the premonition that something awful was about to happen, it was not long before my hunch proved positive.

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First, a strong stretch of marijuana smoke drifted from a corner and it was so thick that I was forced to inhale some of it.

Then, I heard a cruel laugh and two heavily-drugged, baritone voices sounded from behind. I nearly melted on the spot.

“Hey you come, wey you dey go?’ My heart began to beat fast. My first reaction was to stool down and quickly tuck the money. I held in my fist in my boot. It was a safety device I had learnt long ago as a Pro Olosho.

42nd Avenue – The Sexcapades Of Pamela

“I dey go my home.” I replied, I tried to be stern and not to show that I was quivering because I knew they were either robbers or Area Boys or both I could rescue myself by appearing thought too.

But I never bargained for what happened next.

“You be ashy, no be so?” one of them asked. By now, they had come closer so that even in the darkness of the alley, I could see them quite clearly. They were both wearing loosely laced leather tunics. One was so fair he looked visible even in darkness. The other was dark with a patterned mass of crisp black hair.

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“Wey the money wey you don make tonight?” the fair skin one demanded.

“Me I no be ashy, I just follow my sis…”

“If you no gree give us money, you go pay with your toto.” And before I knew what was happening, they dragged me off the alley into a darker corner. Amidst protestation and pleadings, they had me eagle-spread on a pavement.

Within seconds, they had discarded their garments. The fair skinned one slowly lowered himself. A curved scimitar of grizzled flesh reared up and its monstrous head throbbing in his grip was pointing at my crotch. In a swift moment, he straddled me, pushing his large cock into my mouth. Helplessly I responded and sucked cautiously. He gave an exasperated sight and with a determined thrust, he pushed it completely in and down my throat. It was like swallowing a throbbing icicle. The more it throbbed the harder I sucked.

42nd Avenue – The Sexcapades Of Pamela

Then I was aware of his partner sitting by my side completely naked now, looking longingly at the tight cleft between my legs. With a fierce thrust, he thrust into me and began to jerk furiously.

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Simultaneously, his friend was pulling at my rock hard nipples and squeezing them while I continued to suck him. The one who was thrusting relentlessly inside me was taking all his weight on his long arms pressed to the floor so that only our bellies and legs were touching and of course that monstrous, thick barrel of a cock plunging, invading retreating and plunging making contact with every internal organ I possessed. He was fucking me with the fury of a wild stallion, driven by a force that was not of this world. Soon, they exchanged positions and continued to ravage my body until thunder of lust in them subsided.

“Dis one sef sweet pas money?” The dark one commented.

“Make your pass here tomorrow for another show.” His partner added as I slowly moved away on unsteady legs. My body ached and my legs could hardly support me. I felt dejected, but the feel of the N100k in my boot consoled in me.

42nd Avenue - The Sexcapades Of Pamela

Happy valentines in advance my people…

42nd Avenue – The Sexcapades Of Pamela