PDP stalwart slams APC for going to Supreme Court over Bauchi Guber tussle

From Ahmad SAKA, Bauchi

A founding member of the People’s Democratic Party PDP in Bauchi State and Stake holder Alhaji Bibi Dogo has explained that the claimed by the All Progressive Congress APC to challenge the election of the State governor Senator Bala Abdulkadir was done in bad faith just to distract the governor from carrying out his developmental projects across the State.

The (APC) vowed to seek redress at the supreme court, Following the verdict delivered by the court of Appeal in Jos, that upheld the victory of the Bauchi state governor Bala Mohammed and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the last 2019 election,

Dogo stated this yesterday when he reacted on the stand of the APCs press conference who pledged to challenge the appeal court judgement in favor of the incumbent Bauchi governor; He said “the only option left for the APC is to accept the judgment of the Court of Appeal which dismissed their petition against the election of governor Mohammed and to jettison the idea of any further legal tussle over the judgment “for the sake of Bauchi.

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He said what we expect from the APC is to compel the former governor to explained the allegations against him by various anti-graft agencies like recently it was discovered that “ there is a direct purchase of landed property at No 22 Arrakan road GRA kano State at the cost of over N283, 892,555,00 Two hundred and eighty three million Naira eight hundred and ninety two thousand five hundred and fifty five Naira only, by the former governor Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar , let the governor came out and explain the purchase, we have all required documents on the purchase and we have taken them to the appropriate authority for further action, we will not relent until we recover all the items and properties belonging to the state that was frittered away by the ex governor”.

Dogo said protracted legal fireworks over the elections was not in the best interest of the state , even though we are not afraid of litigations with Abubakar after we defeated him five times , first at the polls, second supplementary election, third in the court, fourth at the tribunal and fifth at the Appeal court and by the grace of Allah we will carpet him again in the supreme court.

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He said if AP were patriotic they will let go the decisions of the appeal court after they suffered defeat five times they should allow the will of Bauchi people to prevail not to make political attempt to distract the governor with the aim of going to supreme court rather they should defend the interest of the state.

Dogo thanked Governor Mohammed for executing viable projects in the area of education, healthcare, road network, commerce, environment and many other laudable projects that will uplift the living standard of Bauchi State.

Effort to speak to adviser media to the Former Governor Ali Mohammed Ali failed but one his closest aide said “ the former governor has constitutional right to challenge the election up to the supreme court , he is now exercising his constitutional right, on the issue of the direct purchase landed property he challenged Dogo to take Abubakar to court if he think he commit any offence while in office..

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