Percy Ademokun Felicitates With K1 As He Becomes 1st Mayegun Of Yorubaland {Read His Message}

King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal.

Maiyegun of Yorubaland…

Few years ago, we made our way to the palace of the Alaafin. You had called me prior to make arrangements with Allau Lateef the Western bureau Chief to organize food, drinks etc to d palace in Oyo. You also sent what u wanted to wear ( a white lace to my tailor’s with specific design u wanted). You said ‘ tomorrow we visit d Alaafin towards my coronation as d Maiyegun of Yorubaland! We worked all night to ensure all was ready ! I enjoy wearing native caftans everyday as it was also a way of advertising Percy Couture, my male garment making outfit .

On the day to Oyo, I did not ‘ Feel’ it. I choose a shirt and trouser and we drove to Oyo, stopped in town to eat Amala before I headed to the palace ..still my spirit kept telling me something was amiss. At the place Iku baba yeye was attending to a group of people who were all in ‘ idobale’.

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Percy Ademokun

While we were seated in the palace , Baba Adetunji , the present Olubadan came with us, so did king Osolo and others…suddenly I picked up snippets that Kabiyesi had decided to move d coronation forward….I immediately alerted u and u asked me to find out why …I left Oyo very disappointed! Angry!

Severally people used Kabiyesi’s name to have us perform in Oyo and I would ‘Charge’ them beyond what others were charged!

When I bring this to you, you will always say ‘ Percy
Ma se bee’! God knows best!

You allowed me for 18years to decide how I wanted the group to be run and I told myself we would not go to Oyo for a show since that event so long I manage that group! But I discovered this was one of those times u will overrule me and get in touch with d Oyo people and b4 I know it, the group was Oyo bound ! I will always find an excuse not to be in Oyo !

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Now I understand that then while I was angry for you, you were at peace with Oyo and Yorubaland in general ! You were setting the stage for this grand day when that well deserved recognition would come ! You saw the future…

Sir as you become the 1st Maiyegun of Yorubaland …a well deserved honour, may your reign be loooong in peace and good health !

King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal.

As one who sets his eyes on d ball all d time …I know the dream is on course …
Congratulations to you and the Family Sir.