Police Arrests Lady Who Raised False Alarm About Kidnap And Rape To Chase Clout

Omotoyosi, a Nigerian who faked a kidnapping earlier this morning in Lagos has reportedly been arrested by the police after she openly confessed she lied about the incident, Thecitypulsenews learnt.

Earlier this morning, the lady took to her Twitter page to reveal that she has been kidnapped and raped by an unknown person in Lagos. She cried out for help as she dropped the address where she claimed she has been held captive against her will.

Well, the lady took to her social media to refute her own claims, saying she has not been kidnapped by anyone nor has she been raped by anyone, hence she lied about the incident.

She also revealed that she is not making the confession under duress, hence people should desist from calling a number she made public to threaten the owner of the number.

Omotoyosi has reportedly been apprehended by the Lagos State Police Command after causing fear and panic and disturbing the public peace. She has been arraigned before the Lagos for prosecution.

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