Popular Fuji Music Legend Aare Shina Akanni Debunks Death Rumour

Following a publication in a vernacular newspaper name withheld titled ‘ Shina Akanni is dead ‘ ,the Fuji Scopido exponent ,Aare Sir Shina Akanni has said that he is hale and hearty . .

Speaking in his Lagos home on Monday when thousands of fans and sympathisers trooped into his home to confirm whether he was dead or not,AkanniAkanni said ,’I’m alive ..

The Fuji star who recently released an album titled K.K.K was surprised when he started receiving calls from Nigeria and other parts of the world from friends, family and fans to confirm the truth about the death rumour.

His worries were compounded when people started trooping into his residence to confirm the death rumour.

While addressing the sympathisers, A are Shina Akanni said that he is not the Shina Akanni being referred to in the story that from his findings its another Fuji musician named Shina Akanni that passed on and not him ‘Koko lara ota nle ‘ meaning he is hale and hearty.

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The Fuji star assured his fans that they will see more of him as he is now working on the musical video of the album titled KKK released last year.

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