I find it an insult to our collective intelligence and psyche for the huge sentiments on display all because President Jonathan was quick to concede defeat and place a call to Gen. Muhammadu Buhari(Rtd).

I had to wait for such excitement to blow away as my position would have been drowned in the ocean of sentiment and euphoria.

Is President Jonathan a hero?

When and how did he become a hero?

This is one man who stopped at nothing to get re-elected.

He’s such a good man that he did not give a directive to stop the airing of the documentary on Gen. Buhari which included the death of his daughter from Sickle Cell and Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

He’s such a good man that he didn’t halt the hate campaigns by his wife, his party, and his kinsmen?

If he’s such a good man, why did he take him so long to acknowledge the Chibok girls were missing?

If he’s such a good man, and committed to due process, why were they so desperate to discredit the card reader.

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Who instigated the Army or Defense HQ, or whose interest were those guys serving when they claimed they don’t have Gen. Muhammadu Buhari’s certificate with them?

If he’s such a good man, why didn’t he stop and condemn the threat to our nation’s sovereignty and peaceful co-existence by Asari Dokubo and co?

If he’s such a good man, why did he not condemn or halt the campaign of religious bigotry by his wife, his Vice?

Why did he not condemn the violence at the APC’s rally in Okrika?

If he’s not desperate to hold on to power, why did it take forever for the results from South South and South East to get to the collation centre?

Why did he not dissociate himself from the acerbic hurl at Gen. Muhammadu Buhari by his wife, his aides, and hired vuvuzelas?

Now to what some of you didn’t know and will never know…On tuesday March 31 2015, it was alleged that Patience Jonathan passed out while watching the broadcast of the announcement of results and when she came around, in her usual manner ordered President Goodluck Jonathan to make sure Buhari must not be announced as the winner.

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It was alleged that she shouted at him that if he doesn’t act decisively, he will end in jail.

This allegedly brought about a move…

It was alleged that there was a move for a military intervention in a bid to execute Patience Jonathan’s orders.

Godsday Orubebe’s action at the collation centre was to give them the perfect excuse to move in and abort the process, claiming the process was flawed and not credible.

Two things were said to be responsible for the abandonment of the plot.

Some GOCs were said not to be interested in the plot and there was also the presence of US Marines and UK Special Forces in Ghana, Bight of Benin and international waters.

They were to move in, and extract President Goodluck Jonathan and his wife and go drop them at Hague.

When faced with all these, when the plot was leaked to the “Generals” who are behind GMB, Gen. Abdusalam Abubakar(Rtd) was sent to President Goodluck Jonathan to do the sane thing and not toe the line of insanity.

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The concession speech was to give him a soft landing and it was foisted on him by the Attorney General.

When President Jonathan was reluctant in towing such line, he released it without his approval and when GEJ saw what and the amount of goodwill it bought him, he was left with no other choice than to tag along…

A good man… A man with a good heart will not come up with a rare display of good deed… So when a man of chronic ethnic bigotry, wickedness, hate, and inactions comes up with such action, it’s questionable and suspicious..

So going through this, if you ask me if President Jonathan is a hero? My response will be “Hell No!!” and he wasn’t selfless… He was selfish cos he didn’t want to do time at the Hague…

Yemi Saka ( Aid to IBB)  Wrote.

Published by Ayoyemi Mojoyinola. Phone no. 08094829353 . bb pin 7FD2B230