President Muhammadu Buhari Re-election Declaration; A Wake Up Call To All Nigerian Youths.

It is no surprise to witness the much awaited Mummadu Buhari’s 2nd Term Declaration today 9th April, 2018, which is no breaking news to many, but a clarion call indication to the nigerian youths to rally themselves as first force to beat.

This drive inevitably remains a necessity to challenge the status quo and ensure a positive paradigm shift away from the past political unethical processes.

It is most convincing that we(youths)can upturn the tide come 2019,beyond the measure of politics and negative antics of the present rulling class, who sees no value in our generation, but to many this is the only available opportunity to correct the long decayed wounds of corruption and ill governance ravaging the system from precolonial era till date, hence our quest for *#FREEDOM* .

We must see this coming election as a direct means to commit ourselves in oneness determination and aggressive spirit of unity to achieve the best by ensuring that we screen and collectively merge our interests and ideology under one political party structure as great youth of this nation, in order to join our peers leading other great nation of the world like France, Austria to mention a few.

We must break the chains of servitude and oppression now, by harnessing our strengths and vantage stragic force together, which mainly is what our so called old horse Gladiators harps on to rule us from time immemorial till date, hence the urgent need to convert our chronic challenge into great opportunity that will breed good governance, offer dynamic leadership and proffer immediate and long term solutions via ensuring we retool our government institutions and rejig the frontiers of democracy, based on provision of a brand new people’s Constitution predicated on devolution of powers, true federalism and guaranteeing the social justice rights of the people.

We need to quary the decision of Mr President for 2nd term come 2019 by analytically looking into his records of governance for the past three years on, which to many has achieved far less than the people’s expectations.

For the fact that it is vivdly clare to the blind that the APC/Buhari led administration has totally derailed and lost the goodwill he berthed on in 2015, critically speaking this regime waisted over two and half years in search plans and political navigation raider without anything to show for it, ranging from the first six month of no NEC composition, while monies are been appropriated illicitly without legislative consideration, while still wobbling and fumbling around, we were stocked in a state of confusion on the ill health saga of Mr President, the profused fears of insecurity ravaged all nooks of the nation, the herdsmen and boko haram had unfettered access to kill, maim and destroy, not loosing sight on the worst economic downturn, where we lost the value rate of our Naira, the fuel price was deceitfully increased from N97 to N145 per litre,while still starving us, yet they wanted to hike it to N200 under the lies of fuel subsidy removal which we are still paying till date, if not for our collective cries and frontal agitations in the social media, on the street and other available platforms of ventilation of our plights, further agony and intimidating venom was slammed on Nigerians in the face of abject poverty and failure.

Today we are made to beg for what they promised us abinitio, we saw how power was recklessly abused to its highest peak,today one cannot confidently say one substantial achievement of this government, hence we must not reinforce failure.

Nigeria deserve a new breed of servant leaders and well grounded experienced president who understand the vital needs of the people across the regional lines and beyond rethorics and politics.

However, it must be noted that all hands must be on desk to guide the electoral process itself, by ensuring INEC delivers a free and fair elections, devoid of underage and over voting, as well non military complicity and compromised system.

This and many more precipitated our clarion call for Freedom come 2019.

Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Aremo Dotun Hassan, Esq. President, Yoruba Council of Youths Worldwide (YCYW)/Presidential hopeful 2019.

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