Proposed Banning and Scrapping of Tranpsort Unions in Ogun State: An Absolute Wrong Decision

Ogun transport unions – Few days ago, while having a time out with few of my friends and associates at a popular bar in my area at Sango Ota, I managed to listen to the conversation of some guys about 8 of them while discussing a topic on the proposed banning and scrapping of transport unions and associations in the state by the Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun.

From their discussion which I carefully listened to and religiously followed, it clearly shows that of people whose hopes for survival is about to be dashed and one can also conveniently and convincingly understand their fears, plights and pains. I also heard from their talks that the proposed banning and scrapping of transport unions will lay off over 30,000 members and beneficiaries, majority of whom are the either bread winners and head of many families and homes within the state.

While waiting to hear or read further information on this issue from the appropriate quarters , I think it is necessary as a social and community development activist to add my voice, not really in favour of those who are directly concerned but my major point of concern is on those who depends on these people for survival and well being stability.

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In addition, no responsible government will take away the source of income and survival of thousands of her citizens without putting a replacement and subsitution for other source. Such government is regarded to be insensitive to the welfare of its people. It has been majorly asserted that when a process or decision takes away or deny people access to jobs that put foods on their table, it means such process will directly or indirectly increase the crime rate and many other vices in the state. I hope the Governor of Ogun State will put on his thinking cap and redirect his plans on this proposed banning of the unions.

Finally, I know this proposed plans is the handwork of some people who wants to satisfy their selfish desire and lust for free money and that’s why they attempted to mislead the governor to take such a disastrous steps on a particular sector or section that plays a strong and major roles in determining the electoral fate of many politicians in the state. I hereby advice Prince Dapo Abiodun to have a deep thinking and be careful of any decision he is about to take on this issue before it’s late for him and his future aspiration.

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2023 elections is at the corner, the governor must be careful about taking any decision that cant affect his chances at this crucial period. His oppositions are praying for his errors and not happy with the level of solidarity he is getting from the leadership and members of the tranpsort unions in the state. The oppositions and enemies are ready to laugh at his misadventures and I mean it. Anyway plenty talks can’t full a basket.

Ogun transport unions
Dapo Abiodun
! Ogun transport unions

Comrade Adebola Akinola