Rt. Hon. Dr Mudashiru Ajayi Obasa: A Silent Revolutionist In Power ~Thecitypulsenews

Rt. Hon. Dr Mudashiru Ajayi Obasa

When I passed through Pen Cinema area few days ago, I took time to personally inspect the level of work on the flyovers and expansive road networks being constructed. As I was walking round with marvel and admiration of the quality of work, my heart went straight to and prayed for this dogged leader of few words but a lot of actions, Rt. Hon. Dr Mudashiru Ajayi Obasa.

I can recollect how the initial flyover meant for construction at Pen Cinema was politically relocated to Abule Egba, just because some people felt Agege is not good for such a gigantic project.

In his characteristics as a man who always has his eyes on the ball, coupled with the love he has for the emancipation of the people and development of the city where he has spent the greatest part of his life since birth, I remember vividly how Mr Speaker stood his ground as Presiding officer of Lagos Legislature that except Pen Cinema flyovers are part of the budget for 2017, it won’t fly. Lo and behold! The rest is now history as the longest flyover on land in any part of Lagos is going to be commissioned soon in our own Agege. It takes only a revolutionary-minded leader with foresight to have insisted that such a project be sighted in Agege.

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By the time Iju bus terminal and the massive Agege train station becomes operational, Agege overtake Oyingbo/Yaba axis as the major transportation hub of Lagos, considering its proximity to the Airports.

I have learnt long ago that anyone destined for greatness will pass through a lot of persecution from detractors, envious and enemies alike. However, no matter the persecution, in as much as such individual is made for the tops, he/she will triumph in the end.

Having opportunity to work closely with Mr Speaker as one of his aides at the Lagos State House of Assembly has shown me the revolutionary side of the man popularly known as Obasa.

In his 5½ years in the saddle as the Speaker of that great bastion of ideal legislative practice, he has not only carved ‘independence’ and full autonomy for the Lagos Legislature, he has systematically and persuasively instilled discipline among members and staff as well as taking the lead to ensure that all laws, resolutions and oversight functions from the House of Assembly are ones that impact positively on the greatest number of Lagosians at all times.

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And to cap it all, he ensures members and Assembly staff are given the necessary tools and conducive environment to work, as well as making sure they are trained and retrained on the best ways to deliver services in a 21st century Legislative practice.

As the longest serving Legislator in the history of Lagos State House of Assembly, I make bold to say that Rt. Hon. Dr Mudashiru Ajayi Obasa is justifying the investment that Government of Lagos State has made on his training and development. I’m sure the Leaders of our party will be proud of his carriage and professional handling of the affairs of the House.

Rt. Hon. Dr Mudashiru Ajayi Obasa: A Silent Revolutionist In Power ~Thecitypulsenews
Rt. Hon. Dr Mudashiru Ajayi Obasa

Finally, as a member of his constituency, we are even prouder to refer to him as our representative in whom we are well pleased. Honestly, he’s been there representing our interest in particular, and the interest of the greatest number of Lagosians, in general. We need more from this young, agile, energetic and compassionate man, Rt. Hon. Dr Mudashiru Ajayi Obasa.

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Hon Isola Ogunsola
SSA(Education) to the Speaker