Why Rumours of Adeleke Guber Ambition Persist.

Sen. Adenoma Ademola

Three reasons why rumours of Adeleke Guber Ambition Persist in Osun state have been identified for repeated rumours of plans by Senator Ademola Adeleke to seek the governorship next year, Osun gathered from Tribune.

First of the reasons was the thinking of the Adeleke old political family that the structure left behind by the late senator Adeleke can be revived to push for the current senator’s ambition.

Insiders within the Adeleke family described the development as ‘boys seeking for job’ in view of the current harsh economic climate in the country.

The second reason it was learnt has to do with external hand, which fingered the state All Progressive Congress as the brain behind the rumours. The APC is reported to be scheming to create schism within the PDP to pave way for its candidate victory at next year poll.

The third reason discovered by our investigations is related to the ease with which the Senator cruised to victory in the last election, leading to alleged thinking that may be the governorship is up for grab.

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“Some people think this is an opportunity. But many risks are considered alongside that opportunity”, an insider said.

Osun Tribune however gathered that the Adeleke family has indeed ruled out any possibility of the current senator running for governorship for four main reasons.

Insiders listed the four points as follows:

1. The family had pledged while campaigning never to seek the governorship but to work for Osun West to get the governorship;

2. The family is wary of the implications of such ambition on the internal politics within state PDP,a sign that is emerging with the current struggle for the control of PDP across Edeland;

3. The family actually desires that Senator Adeleke be allowed to run for second term in 2019;and

4. That the family is determined to have a major say on who become the governor from Osun West.

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