Exclusive: SIJU ALABI – The Empress at Lagos Television {Dilapidated Building Photos Inclusive}

Siju Alabi

Cashless policy is no more followed in the daily marketing transactions by the the Lagos Television management led by Siju Alabi. IGR has reduced drastically due to the corruption perpetrated by the GM, investigation reveals…

Lagos Television made a lot in millions to sales of airtime during the Coronavirus lockdown but all these transactions were done in the GM’s office hence, why their IGR is returning low since she has pocketed returns from marketing sales, insider told Thecitypulsenews, a typical example was when Fuji Musician Association of Nigeria (FUNMAN) Lagos State Chapter did a music to campaign against Covid-19 pandemic but the GM through her head of marketing ordered that they must pay N10,000 per slot before the music can be aired.

Sources revealed that between 2015 & 2017, LTV was making close to N50 million per month even when the Lagos State Government Ministries, Department & Agencies were not paying for services rendered to them yet, the station was able to remit monthly pension dues because those GM’s then, operated a cashless policy.

Siju Alabi employed GL. 13 cronies without due process when there was a ban on employment in Lagos State in 2018.

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Source revealed that her P.A, was employed at point of entry on GL. 13 in 2016 with a Diploma qualify qualification.

LTV’s Director Admin. & HR, who is not an administrator employed her son who is a Mass Communication graduate into in Lagos Television when there was still a ban on employment because the GM, Siju Alabi approved it in order to appease her and engage those desecrating the standard of broadcasting today at the station.

The Director of Admin. & HR has grounded official process due to her inadequacies hence till today retirees since 2015 have not been paid their pension benefits yet all the management are receiving salaries whilst those who made LTV are dying in penury.

Investigation shows that Siju Alabi is not a core professional production person hence, why Lagos Television has gone down the doldrums.

Advertising Agencies are no longer patronising unlike before.

To prove this, even Lagos State Government picked MiTV as their choice station to pay and air its E-learning educational programs during the lockdown because LTV media report rating has drastically gone down.

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When our lead editor Ayo-Mojoyin reached out to Mrs Siju Alabi, she said everything is false, she further said the matter is in front of high authority in Alausa the state Secretariat, that she can’t react to the story we published initially except they do from the office of commissioner of information and we are yet to hear any development or reaction from them till now.

Sources also revealed that she has backing of some top influential personalities close to the Governor to perpetrate her misdeeds.

However, concerned Lagosians urged His Excellency Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu to quickly take a drastic decision on issues affecting the state owned TV station.

Please note that investigation is still ongoing to expose all those behind the maladministration of the station as we reliably gathered that she is not the only one involved.

Dilapidated side of Lagos Telesion In Photos:

SIJU ALABI - The Empress at Lagos Television SIJU ALABI - The Empress at Lagos Television SIJU ALABI - The Empress at Lagos Television

SIJU ALABI - The Empress at Lagos Television
Siju Alabi

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  1. Lagos State last administration Akinwunmi Ambode remains d culprit on ds issue, bring someone from private sector to head ds mighty position. Reference to Adekunle Ajanaku administration in LTV where salaries, deductions and staff welfare were taken care off including maintenance and accountability. The man is still alive to help d situation at his retirement.

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