Soro-Soke: Group Launches Youth Parliament Radio Programme

Youth Parliament


The Civic Action for Youth Development (CAYD) has launched Radio Programme to sensitize Nigerian youth on their roles in democratic process, policy formulation and nation building.

The Executive Director of CAYD, Comrade G.A. Oyeyiola said the Radio programme tagged Youth Parliament will create avenue for robust on youth related matters.

Youth Parliament

Oyeyiola stated that radio programme is in furtherance of Civic Action for Youth Development mission of mobilizing youth to participate in political process and proffer practical solutions to multifaceted challenges facing the country.

”When the youth are given opportunity to organize, voice their opinions and play a meaningful role in political decision making, young people consistently demonstrate their willingness and ability to foster positive, lasting change. They also become more likely to demand and defend democracy, and gain a greater sense of belonging.” He explained

”CAYD supports young people to channel their energy, creativity and aspirations and become political leaders and activists. Programs build young people’s skills, knowledge and confidence while helping them more effectively express their voices, build relationships with political leaders, and break down sociocultural and institutional barriers to participation.”

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Comrade G.A Oyeyiola said the programme is currently running every Thursday on RoyalFM 95.1 Ilorin in Kwara State, adding that English and Pidgin languages were adopted to allow free flow conversations among the youth.