Sponsored: Choice Agric As A Means Of Livelihood After Pandemic

Choice Agric

With the novel Coronavirus pandemic, which has affected global economy adversely, their is need to look inward and see how Africans especially Nigerians will overcome this crisis in no time.

Oil and gas which is the major source of income has crashed to the pandemic, hence agriculture among other things becomes necessity for Nigerians to fall back on.

With CHOICE AGRIC, an organized co-operative society duly registered by the government, its agric business makes business easy.

To boost individual and corporate economy, CHOICE AGRIC is out to create jobs for the teaming youth of this country through its agricultural programmes called OUTGROWERS FARMERS. It aims to encourage youths by empowering farmers to venture into farming by providing the farmers with farm inputs and also buy back the produces to create a sustainable development and income for the farmers.

Choice Agric provides agribusiness solutions to a wide range of agricultural based businesses.

It empowers farmers by providing inputs, funds and leverages on technology to provide support and management services to a broad spectrum of stakeholders in the agricultural sector.

Objective is to create a robust eco-system of business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumers (B2C) operating as stakeholders in the agricultural value chain by deploying technology to enhance outcomes, provide end-to-end support and great returns on investment to all participants.

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With choice Agric its always a win-win situation for all, as everyone benefits and are handsomely rewarded according to how massively you invest.

The vision is to effectively create a virile and reliable agribusiness eco-system sustained from end to end by state-of-the-art technology and cutting edge business solutions.

This platform connect farmers with investors in other to bridge the huge gap in food production chain, hence it helps both parties as well as the community at large.

The mechanized farming introduced by choice Agric is
help ensure high quality farm produce to meet up with the community high demand on food.

On Poultry Processing Unit, Choice Agric helps to vastly distribute frozen chickens to the community and also ensure its members get profits weekly for sponsoring a poultry farm project.

However, the service technology needed to control and boost the growth of animals and harvesting of plant produce, as it employs the use of sophisticated technologies such as Temperature and moisture Sensors, Aerial images, robots, GPS technologies to mention but a few, all of this to improve their outputs and meet the high community demand are in place

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The platform also embraces investments as it helps all its investors to build a steady residual income as its interest is paid on a weekly basis and all investors can monitor the performance of their funds and track online the growth of their investments. Its membership is free and done online, by just signing up and sponsor a farm produce of your choice.

It offers friendly agricultural loans to help farmers acquire the much needed inputs, infrastructures nor the upgrade they need to boost their agricultural outputs. This agricultural loans are repayment friendly just to ensure farmers stay in business.

They also organised programs to helps small farm holders to realise their dreams as they help them raise farm animals and crop yields, open up new market opportunities and strengthens their rural economies.

However, below are the attributes you will see in Choice Agric.

• Natural and enhanced food processing units

• Natural breeds of farm animals and poultry produce.

Adequate and right feed mills to ascertain quality assurance for its produce.

•Investors receives weekly profits on all sales of company products.

For more info visit : www.choiceagric.com


Sponsored: Choice Agric As A Means Of Livelihood After Pandemic
Choice Agric