Ghana Or Nigeria To Win 2030 World Cup – Mawuenyega’s Last Dream

Steve Mawuenyega

Steve Mawuenyega

Very few persons in Nigeria know the name Steve Mawuenyega. But not so in Ghana where he came from.

I am referring to him in the past tense because by the time you are reading this on Saturday, my very close friend and co-traveller on the journey of big dreams in African football, would have been buried a day earlier in Accra, Ghana.

Steve Kojo Mawuenyega died at the age of 63 on the 19th of January, 2021. Since then, the news has been hard for me to digest and accept.

For almost 2 decades since we first met, Steve and I have been co-dreamers of big things in African football. The latest being how an African country, Ghana or Nigeria, would win the World Cup in 2030.

When it came to dreaming ‘big’ we were always on the same page, drawn together by circumstances that I recall here as a special tribute to the great Ghanaian gentleman. I am adding my heavily-laden voice to those of wailing friends and family who must be shedding their own tears as they lay to rest, in peace and eternity, this very special human being that I was lucky to have met and made my friend almost 20 years ago.

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In 2002, coming from Japan, I had the ‘craziest’ idea in the world.

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Steve Mawuenyega
Steve Mawuenyega

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