Still On Igboho : It’s unfortunate Abobakus among us can not scientifically dissect issues correctly

It’s unfortunate Abobakus among us can not scientifically dissect issues correctly.
Igboho issue was raised at CACOBAG discourse yesterday.

Invasion of his residence was condemned just the way we condemned the invasion of the houses of some judges then.
If care is not taken,this Government may cause another civil war.

Only yesterday, a video of olokemeji town was sent to me. As an omo oko whose descendants are from Olokemeji, I prefer to call it a town. Some may say its “Abule” village or Hamlet. I was devastated to learn the village is now deserted due to invasion of the town by fulanis.

As a Yoruba man and I know our Emperor, SHO, speaks impeccable Yoruba language, he is not just a master in the so called lingua franca in Nigeria.
The Yoruba says ” Mi o le wa ku o ni je oye Ile Baba e.”.

When goats are pursued to the wall, what do you expect?
This Government has further made Igboho more popular.

Just as I mentioned at the CACOBAG Discourse when issue of Igboho was raised. The problems we have in Nigeria is about corruption and the making of Igboho is a resultant effect of corruption ; financial and attitudinal.

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The “invisible and invincible ” power has been confirmed by the government.
It’s shocking and embarassment to us as a people that the government that finds it difficult to defeat Boko Haram,. stop kidnapping and put an end to banditry as the president promised during his campaign could deploy such “power” to invade the residence of one man. Yet such power could not be utilized put an end to insecurity and lost of sources of income by mass of Nigerians .

Correctness or otherwise of the system Adeyemo A.K.A .Igboho is adopting or his agitation is not the debate. Why can’t Sunday Igboho be invited by DSS ?
Just like what Chief Gani Fawehinmi said when he defied the evil general that controls ” the special agbonmagbe bank” from ” heaven” ,the dark goggled general, Abacha , to launch National Conscience NC now National Conscience Party NCP and armoured tank was brought to the venue by the police. Gani said even if he was killed at the launch ,he trust his followers and Nigerian masses that the party would continue to exist.

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If Government thinks by killing or silencing Igboho that I refer to as ” REFORMED SUNDAY IGBOHO” as elucidated by Baba Sho, the emperor of our republic,that his followers or those that look up to him for safety would reduce. The government should rethink. There are lots of Sunday If Igbohos in the country.
You can’t be beating a child and tell him not to cry.

Why did some courageous and brave policemen decided to dare the police authority by ignoring the unconstitutional rule that the police can not unionise or go on strike few years ago? Why did we support them and protested on their behalf? Why did Chief Gani Fawehinmi support them. Our Emperor, Soetan was also part of that struggle as an Exco member of Democratic Socialist Movement DSM. DSM did a special SD then in support of the Police Strike. Same with United Action for Democracy UAD that also produced millions of leaflets signed by the then Convener , Abiodun Aremu, in support of Police strike.
There is no how the oppressed would not one day react and move against the oppressors.

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This regime has succeeded in taking Nigeria backward to the days of a

The Abobakus among us should better have a rethink and ” come back home” to the constituency they belong. These a Abobakus contributed greatly to where we are.

The struggle that we waged to change the system would have been achieved before now. When UAD and DSM insisted it was not about changing the government of one Mr looter to another government of Mr Thief but about changing the system. The abobakus were against us as to continue to dine and wine with their thieving and anti people masters. They have forgotten the money they are making by betraying our collective struggle can not protect them.
They should be ashamed of themselves to condemn Sunday Igboho.

Those in power should know whatever immunity they enjoy is not forever. They will definitely be made to account for their actions and Inactions against the people.

Toyin Raheem
Chairman, LPF