SUBEB to sanctions, erring teachers, contractors

From Ahmad SAKA, Bauchi

The Bauchi State Chairman of the State Universal Basic Education Board SUBEB Dr Abubakar Surumbai Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi has threatened to sanctions all erring teachers and black list earring contractors executing various contracts for the board across the 20 local government Areas of the State.

Dr Abubakar stated this when he paid a surprise visit primary school in Bauchi and Alkaleri Local Government Areas, He said “the State governor Senator Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed has interest in the development of the education sector that was the reason why immediately when he assumed office, he make a good effort to tackle the serious problems inherited in the basic education sector due lack of conducive environment of learning because of problems like congestion in classrooms, lack of desk and chairs pupils studying on the floor, some under the shade of trees the governor awarded over five billion naira contracts to renovate and construct new class rooms and to provide desk and chairs across the 20 LGAS”

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He said we are working hard to provide required learning and instructional materials we are doing everything possible to return all out of school children to classrooms even those that are in the classrooms we want to see them acquiring qualitative education, we want to change the narratives inherited where a class six pupils can’t read and write we are backward in education despite the fact that we are the state the produced the first prime minister.

Chairman said he was not happy when some of the pupils he test their ability cannot write their names and warned teachers to live up to their responsibilities and warned them against late coming laxity to work and threatened to take disciplinary action against any teacher found wanting.

On the contractors Dr Abubakar said he will not pay any contractor that did not execute quality job, “ if any contractor didn’t execute the project according to the contractual agreement we will not pay him , and we will blacklist him , we will not give him any contract again I will continue monitoring pupils performance​​ and the projects”.


He said the days of syphoning basic education funds for personal use is over “hence forth the funds will be utilized judiciously for the purpose meant in other help our pupils to restore quality education in public primary schools.

Dr Abubakar said people who can afford took their children to private schools leaving the majority of children in public primary schools , “ with all the attention and the support we are getting from Governor Bala Abdulkadir Mohamed , we will change the narratives, we will join hands with all stake holders in education to help our states.