Exclusive With Document Attached Minister To Sue Sahara Reporters For Defamation, Gives Ultimatum

Sunday Dare and Sowore

Sunday Dare Vs SoworeThecitypulsenews reports that honourable Minister for Youth and Sports Development, Honourable Sunday Dare has taken a “Pre-Action” move against Sahara Reporters.

Honourable Sunday Dare through his solicitors, ‘Banjo Ayenakin & Co Legal Practitioners & Notaries has written to the Publisher of Sahara Reporters (an Online News Platform) to take down the publication with the title “Exclusive: How Buhari’s Minister Awarded Multi Billion Naira Contracts to self, Ex-Governor Tinubu, others as Nigerian Communications Commission Executive”.

According to the Minister’s solicitors Sahara Reporters’ publication has caused a lot of damage to the Minister especially his reputation which he has been.building over the years.

“In your publication of September 20th, 2021; you alleged and stated that our client while serving as the Executive Commissioner of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) participated in shady and corrupt deals by awarding contract to himself and a number of other persons as contained in your false

“You spuriously alleged that our client single-handedly awarded contracts to himself and several other persons while serving as Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) thereby insinuating that our client is corrupt and that he corruptly enriched himself and the other persons you mentioned.”

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“For the umpteenth time, it is pertinent to state that during the time our client served as the Executive Commissioner of the Nigeria Communication Commission, he did not award any such contract to anybody or himself as falsely alleged in your publication. The Nigerian Communication Commission has an Executive Vice Chairman, EVC, a Management Board and a Governing Board vested with the powers to approve or award licenses and contracts as the case may be.”

“You also falsely and deliberately alleged that our client approved contract awards when in actual fact he had no such powers when he was at the NCC and also in this case no contracts were awarded, rather only licenses were issued to Nigerians who applied. The NCC in exercising its regulatory powers under the law issued the licenses upon the approval of the Governing Board.”

“The Management Board of the Nigerian Communication Commission only granted licenses on Value Added Service Contract to deserving persons and no contract of any sort whatsoever was awarded in relation to this as falsely, maliciously and spuriously alleged by you. Also, our client was not awarded any contract neither was he issued with a VAS license as alleged in your false and misleading publication.”

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Sunday Dare Vs Sowore 

“Your publication of September 20, 2021 is a deliberate falsehood with malevolent intent and same is disparaging and malicious to the person of our client.”

“The publication has caused a lot of damage to our client’s hard-earned reputation which he has painstakingly and carefully built over a long period as different people have inundated him with sporadic calls over your false and unfounded allegations which is libelous and has irreparably dented our client’s image and reputation.”

Honourable Sunday Dare through his solicitors advised Sahara Reporters to delete the publication within a day and publish a publication to denounce the earlier publication or face legal action which could cost Sahara Reporters five (5) billion naira.

“Moreover, your publication has portrayed our client as a corrupt, unreliable and undisciplined public
officer who corruptly enriched himself and flagrantly flouted government regulations and this has exposed
our client to public odium and ignominy.”

“You are hereby advised to pull down the publication within twenty-four hours of the receipt of this letter with a retraction duly published as a follow up.”

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Sunday Dare Vs Sowore

Documents below:

Sunday Dare Vs Sowore


“TAKE NOTICE that if you fail, refuse or neglect to so do, we have the instruction of our client to institute a civil action against your organization and its principal officers for defamation, and we shall be asking for aggravated damages against your establishment and its principal officers to the tune of Five Billion Naira only.”

Sunday Dare Vs Sowore
Sunday Dare and Sowore