I Thank God For Crowning My Efforts – Ebenezer Obey. Read Why…

• I compose my songs in the toilet.

Nigerian musician, Ebenezer Obey Fabiyi, also known as Chief Commander said “I thank God for crowning my efforts which finally led to my success. I am such a person who takes my prayer seriously. Perhaps, as a result of this, God crowned my labour.”

Ebenezer, who will be celebrating his 75th birthday on Monday April 3rd reveals this in an interview.

He revealed that most of his music compositions are done right inside the toilet that he always goes to the toilet with writing materials.

Furthermore Obey said “There are two factors involved here. The first was talent and special ability to compose. God gave me both.

“But on my own, I put in extra efforts into my compositions. This, I usually do whenever any song crept into my thought.

“Interestingly, this mostly happened whenever I was in pretty quiet places, especially in the toilet. When I noticed this, I began to go to the toilet with biro and writing materials in anticipation.

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“Hence the tendency to spend more time there than expected because it was the safest place to spend more time without being disturbed.

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