Time to celebrate teachers. Kindly read .


Up until the early 80s, Nigeria ranked high in global standard of education. We held our own in the quality of graduates
coming out from our various institutions of higher learning. The last few decades have had us achieve the reverse.

While the golden years lasted, we barely did much with and for those who made things what they were –


My interaction with some of these teachers show that their driving force was PASSION. They earned far
less than they put out. The respect and honour they command in the society
then, as well as the joy of seeing their students excel were all that kept them going. One of the sad discovery I made was that about 56% of those I spoke with do not have a house of their own. I had a chat with a woman who taught a one time Governor of a State in Nigeria, she lives in a shanty. It was hard imagining how she’d feel while telling people she taught that man. It must be said that the downward slide of education in Nigeria can be blamed on lack of MOTIVATION for/of Teachers. They are
the least paid and the least rewarded.

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In the last 18 years, we have only had about 4 Teachers receive National Awards. We must admit that some of the old students do remember to give back to their schools however, they forget to give back to those who used the schools.

At Thrust Leadership Consult,
we are about to change the narratives. We are poised to celebrate these Gold Miners. They’re entitled to be a part of Gold they mine. Our desire for socioeconomic growth cannot be accomplished without them. The cry for restructuring that is up everywhere cannot take us to the desired haven, we must embrace education as a vital tool for nation building. If that is a major strategy, we must begin with the
major stakeholders of the sector.Come October 2017, we will have our maiden edition of Teachers’ Conference and Mind Builders Award. An award of excellence for teachers and lecturers.

Keynote speakers at the conference have been drawn from Nigeria and Europe. The awards and gala night has been designed to meet global standard amidst glitz and glamour.

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At this critical crossroads of economic and social meltdown, there is need for us to pragmatically redirect our nation. This redirection must be predetermined to accomplish some purposeful goals. We
might have missed on some windows of opportunities to play catch up with other developed countries, we have before us, another great opportunity to begin what we should have gone far with. What we do with this opportunity will determine where we’ll be in the next decade.

We request the support of well meaning Nigerians and corporate organisation citizens as we make the next bend on the road to greatness.

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