TOUCHING: Last Words Ethiopian Airline Pilot Told Mother Before Fatal Crash

“I am coming to Nairobi. I have forgotten my phone, but we will talk once I get there…” – these were Yared_Getachew’s last words to his mother.

It was their last conversation they had together mother and son before the plane took off and crashed 6 minutes later…

According to his mother, Dr Rayan Shapi, revealed that she last spoke to her son (pilot) right before he started the journey that claimed the lives of 157 people.

The main pilot, Yared Getachew, was born in 1990 from a Kenyan mother, Dr Rayan Shapi, of Mombasa and an Ethiopian father, Dr Getachew Tessema, who lived in spring valley estate, Nairobi. Both parents are dentists in Kenya.

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