Trump Move To Stop Student Visa To Nigerians

Trump Bans Student Visa To Students Coming From Nigeria

The United State of America moves to stop issuing student visa to Nigerian until further notice.

The Trump administration has imposed a new law on its immigration law as Nigerians are part of the countries getting the backlash.

According to report Nigerians particularly receive a vast majority of non-immigrant B1/B2 Visas issued to Africans. It accounts for over 25% of visas issued to African in 2018 alone,

The immigration Officer stated that the majority of students from Nigeria do not return to Nigeria after the completion of their study, he said they “overstay”.The officer added the list of a backlog of students awaiting visa issuance is long and growing as a result.

Recall that the USA immigration has made the process of visa application difficult and costly as Nigerian applicant will have to pay associate fee estimated at N400,000 and the fees are non-refundable, afterwards, the applicant can only reapply after six months paying the processing fee again.

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The latest directives have however stopped the issuing of visas to students who want to study in America. The immigration office has stiffed the process as it claimed that most students seeking study visas are children of political leaders in Nigeria and so do not have a credible source of income.

Recall that the immigration office only requests the ability to pay school fees and related expenses, however, the office now requests for the source of income, evidence funds are legitimate this has however made a lot of applicants turn away.

As the Trump administration considers a new immigration measure to impose visa restrictions on countries whose citizens have a track record of overstaying beyond the validity of their short-term US visas.