“We Will Go On Hunger Strike If You Don’t Remove Your Hand From Our Gov’s Tussle” – Bauchi People Tells Buhari

The women and children are threatening to embark on hunger strike if Buhari didn’t remove his hand from Bauchi governorship tussle, Ahmed Saka reporting for The City Pulse News in Bauchi

Women coalition for sustainable peace and Viable Democratic gains in Bauchi State has threatened to embark on hunger strike if President Muhammadu Buhari, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and National Chairman of the All Progressive congress APC did not remove their hands from the just concluded gubernatorial election in the State.

The women flanked by their children stated this when they offered a special prayers in an eid praying ground cattle market Bauchi on Monday, they said electorates in Bauchi have made their choice they elected Senator Bala Mohammed and their wishes should be respected.  

Spokesperson of the coalition Fatima U Muhammad  said “We want to embark on hunger strike if president Buhari, vice president Yemi Osinbajo and comrade Adams Oshiomole and their lieutenants did not remove their hands from enforcing the leader rejected by Bauchi people upon them,  they should not do anything that will disrupt the peace enjoyed in Bauchi, We are not mindful that going to court is Governor Abubakar constitutional right but for him to say he has conceded defeat because he believe its Allah who gives power to whom he wishes and then at the same time he reversed himself and claimed that it was Buhari , Osinbajo and  Oshiomole that asked him to go to court they even hired for Senior advocates for him this is a clear sign of conspiracy to ensure injustice against the Peace loving People of the State which we will not succumb to that ill conspiracy” 

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She said they organized this Special Prayers to seek for Allah’s blessings and to seek for Allah’s help from the actions and in actions of the State outgoing Governor Abubakar who lost the last governorship effort to cause confusion in the State using the name of President Buhari directing him to challenges the choice of Bauchi people at the election petition tribunal.

Malama Salamatu bappa said Women and children and the entire state suffered the last four years spent by Governor Abubakar as Governor of Bauchi , because the state was governed in a process that is devoid of ideology, the Governor didn’t pay back the electorates that voted for him in to power in 2015, He did a great disservice to the people of the state by his refusal to execute meaningful projects or services that will improve the living standard of Bauchi people . 

She said electorates in the state decided not to allow a repeat of another wasteful four years by Governor Abubakar, and the only way to do it is to use their voters card and voted what they called a failure government out of the Government House.

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In their separates remarks Mallama Fatima Bala Muhammad and Maryam Aminu and Mohammed Bala pray to Allah to bring sustainable peace in the state and explained that  Bauchi People decides through the ballot box never again to leave the destiny of their State in the hands of those who lack the vision, the motivation, and the capacity to drive the change the people of the state desperately need

They said we have changed the leadership of our State. we need a leadership that would ensure justice and fair distribution of state resources and channeled it to the development of the State.