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Lots of fun in Zamfara State today June 12, 2019 because its double celebrations as the event was ongoing the people of Zamfara were in the atmosphere of happiness and enthusiasm in making their trade fare turning into fun fare and unforgettable memorable day.

It was a real fun at the venue of the trade fare when governor Bello Matawalle and his team were sighted, jubilations everywhere, it was as if Nigeria president visits trade fare to mark June 12, because the level of the crowd that gathered to welcome the newly elected governor mouth could not only explained that, it was like when a tip of sugar dropped on the floor and aunts surrounded to lick, just exactly how to described the trade fare avenue today. No doubt, it really shows Dr. Matawalle remains people’s heart, if not, no one wouldn’t to have experience this epitome mammoth of crowd.

With immense joy from his heart, Dr. Bello Matawalle when addressing the mammoth crowd, he says ” this could be the best way to celebrate democracy, June 12 with his people, he was so happy and comfortable being in their midst, saying further, his government will be fair enough to the people Zamfara State. He also promised, through out his time and regime, he would always take his lovely people at first, before any other things comes up, which he proved to them, by saying, bandits, insurgency would be the real evidence to show much he loves his people, of which, recently he lead the security men with a bold steps into the jungle in order to wage war against those rascals”.

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In his speech, at the trade fare arena, he also promised his people never to be scared of any ugly bandits, they should stay calmly as every naughty situations in the state will soon become an history because he is ready to fight insurgency to the last drop of blood in his body, which all the audience rejoiced and accolades him with those statement and promises.

He therefore, appeals to the federal government, never to stopped fighting insurgency bewitching some state in the country also commending president Buhari signing June 12 into Democracy
Day and effort taken so far, named Abuja Stadium after Late MKO Abiola, saying, what a good memorable event to be remembered the Late MkO Abiola in Nigeria.

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